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Mid-Term Break: Fri 27th October

For almost 30 years our doors have been open in welcome to our community and our neighbours. As our mission statement makes clear we are

A community of learning and personal growth, which includes our students and their families, our teachers and staff, our trustees and our adult students. We have a role in the wider community and in the overall educational community. All parties to our school have their rights and duties within our structures. Our commitment is to learning in its broadest sense and our procedures and practices reflect this. Respect for the uniqueness of each member of our community commits us to maintaining a caring working environment in which all can achieve fulfilment.

Our website is firmly rooted in our mission statement. By continuing to develop our use of modern information technology we will make ourselves, our policies and procedures and our pursuit of learning and personal growth more accessible to an ever wider community.

The mission of our website is to communicate as effectively as possible how we are setting out to fulfil the aspirations of our mission statement.

As the demands of society, education policy and legislation impact more and more on what happens in our schools, we see an important role for this website. Gathered here together, on one site we will have ready access to information on a wider range of policies, practices and aspirations. We hope that this accessibility to the wholeness of our school will enable you, our visitors and ourselves to maintain an overview of a firmly rooted holistic community of learning.

Paul Crone


Deputy Principal: Jennifer Gray

Email:  obcsdays@eircom.net

Tel: 4520566/4520925

Fax:  4520847

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