School Completion Programme

School Completion Programme

The St Dominic’s Old Bawn School Completion Programme (SCP) is an initiative that aims to have a positive impact on retention for young people at risk of early school leaving. This is done through identifying and supporting children at risk of not reaching their potential in the educational system because of poor attendance, participation and retention. The St Dominic’s Old Bawn SCP project can provide a range of supports to students in Old Bawn CS including


  • Transition programmes (primary to post-primary)
  • Personal development (including one to one support, group work and key working)
  • In-school and out-of-school activities
  • Mentoring programmes (including Foroige BBBS programme)
  • Breakfast and lunch supports
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Behaviour management support
  • iscoil blended learning programme
  • Engagement in care teams / pastoral support
  • Interagency support


The SCP is a targeted services for children and young people who require additional support to get the most from their education.  It is not open to all pupils and students. Once a referral is made, then the SCP will see if SCP is the best support for the child. Contact


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