School Musical


The annual Old Bawn school musical has become an integral part of our school’s calendar. Every year, we get the chance to showcase the incredible musical, dramatic and creative talents of our students. The success of our musicals continues to grow with staff and students coming together to rehearse and refine their crafts.

The School Musical truly is a magnificent event and could not be achieved without the input of the whole school. Students have become stars in all areas of theatre production including music, acting, dance, stage design, sound and light and backstage to name just a few.

Auditions for the show take place in early September with rehearsals commencing soon after. Students have a short few months to create our visual spectacle. The musical has proven to be extremely popular indeed with more and more students auditioning each year. The musical team aims to include all students with varying musical experiences on stage.

Our ever-growing cast results in an absolute festival of colour and sound for our audiences. The show is very much a team venture, using the talents of all teachers, parents and students. Our aim is to achieve an entertaining and truly original production.

We aim to give as many students as possible the chance to shine, and there are so many opportunities for those who wish to take on the challenge, both on stage and just as importantly, behind the scenes.

The benefits of our musicals for our students are incalculable. Our students not only develop their creative abilities but they also grow in confidence, forge great friendships and develop a real sense of achievement after all their hard work and commitment. Their memories of these musicals will live on with them long after their days in Old Bawn.

We are proud to say we have a long and renowned history of drama and theatre. To date we have staged seventeen musicals. These include most recently;

2015 Hairspray
2015 A Christmas Carol
2016 Annie
2017 Back to the ’80s
2018 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat

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