Election & meetings

We had a committee election on Monday 6th of November to elect key personnel to take leadership in various fields. We have decided to continue having regular meetings at 8:45am on Mondays.

The Elected Committee

Head of Green Schools – Katie Cullen

Deputy head – Karen Finn

Secretary – Ben Rogers

Assistant Secretary – Paul Zaki

Public Relations – Paul Zaki, Katie Cullen

Notice Board Communication team – Rosemary Midonga, Shannon Grennan,  Jessica O’Brien, MacKenzie Cummins,  Melissa Pajzos.

Digital and Social Media team – Ciaran Hegarty, Fiun Boyle

Green Code Officer – Jessica O’Brien

Treasurers – Sarah Hanley,  Kerri Owens, Katie Byrne,  Niamh Donovan Boland

Recycling Officer – Conor Clinton

Energy Officer – Melissa Pajzos

Water Officer – Nicolae-Matei Negruser

Events and Tasks

Our students had made a tremendous impact on the school and the local community through their enthusiasm to improve the local environment.

They have collaborated with the local volunteer group, the Litter Mugs to help clean up Sean Walsh park.

They have in turn cleaned up all schools area in pairs after break and lunch time every day.

They have made numerous awareness posters and are in the process of planning a mural for our Green schools wall.

We have secured a small grant from the local county council to enable us to better raise awareness against litter and graffiti.

We have attended a water forum in Tallaght library to ensure we have the latest knowledge on running the programme.

Key members of our committee have also attended a water forum in Newbridge to give them innovative and creative ways of conserving water at school, and also more broadly.

We are currently in the process of making beautiful projects out of reusable materials. Some students are collaborating with the Art department to accessorise their Junkouture outfits, while others have chosen to work on Christmas decorations which will be entered into a competition shortly.

Final Note

We have a fantastic team spirit at Old Bawn Community school, both among staff, students and the wider community. We are grateful for every effort made to help us achieve our goal of a Water flag in 2018. A huge thank you to the whole school community for their constant cooperation as we strive to better our surroundings.