Guidance & Counselling

The Mission Statement of Old Bawn Community School guides the school community to provide an environment where the pastoral and academic needs of all students are catered for so that they may realise their potential as individuals who recognise their own self-worth.

The Guidance department of Old Bawn Community School reflects the aims of this Mission Statement and seeks to develop in each student a sense of autonomy and individuality. It offers support and assistance to each individual in identifying their career intentions and reaching their full potential. The guidance programme in Old Bawn Community School will help students develop self-awareness, career management skills and a self-directed approach to lifelong learning.

We facilitate career guidance and personal support to all students at both Junior and Senior cycle levels. This facilitation is delivered through parent presentations, student assemblies, classroom teaching and individual meetings. Students can avail of individual meetings at any stage of their time in Old Bawn Community School and the service is also extended to past pupils who may require assistance. Individual meetings can be made directly with the Guidance Counsellors by the student, a teacher, a guardian or a friend.

The priority of the Guidance Counselling Department is to provide support to any student or their families in our school community. With this in mind we have developed valuable links to other local support agencies in the Tallaght and wider community and we often encourage students and their families to avail of these supports.

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