Senior Cycle Subject Choice – Language & Science

Senior Cycle Subject Choice – Language & Science

Third Language requirement

• The NUI universities and colleges require a pass in a third language for most of their courses:
– NUI Galway
– NUI Maynooth
– The Royal College of Surgeons
– St. Angela’s College, Sligo
– Pontifical University, Maynooth
– Shannon College of Hotel Management
• Other colleges have a third language as a requirement for certain courses that have a large language component, e.g. European Studies, Languages & Marketing, Hotel Management, Languages & International Tourism.
• Entry to the Cadetships in the Army and Air Corps requires a third Language.
(There is no requirement for a 3rd language for the Naval Service Operational Branch or Engineering Branch Cadetships.)
• NCAD require a third language or Art
• Many science and engineering courses include the study of French or German ab initio (from scratch).
No Third Language is requirement:
• Trinity College, University of Limerick, D.C.U., and the Institutes of Technology, unless it is a specific course requirement (a pass in Irish will suffice).
• *No language for Engineering, Science, Accounting, Law, Business and Finance NUI Maynooth
• *No language for Engineering, Science & Ag Science in UCD (except for DN037- Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences)
• *No language for Engineering, Science & Food Science UCC
• *No language for Engineering & Science NUI Galway (except for GY304- Biotechnology)
• Gardaí, Nursing, Apprenticeships and most PLC Courses
***Health Sciences (e.g. Medicine, Pharmacy, etc) do require a third language in NUI universities and colleges.
This information is subject to change – check with the course provider. Not everyone is gifted with languages and if you are struggling to get a pass in the language at Ordinary Level in the Junior Certificate you will find Leaving Certificate very difficult. Please discuss this with your subject teacher.


If you are applying for anything in the Engineering, Medical, Paramedical, Health Science (Radiography, Physiotherapy, Human Nutrition/ Dietician, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, Podiatry, Veterinary Nursing, etc.) or Science areas at Universities/3rd Level Colleges, you need to have a pass in at least one Laboratory Science Subject.
A science subject is also necessary for Nursing and some beauty therapy courses.
Home Economics with Biology requires a science subject. Home Economics with Religious Education / Irish / Economics require a science subject or home economics.
Some courses require 2 laboratory science subjects.
Course requirements should be checked on an individual basis.

Chemistry is required for:
• Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Public Health Nutrition: DIT
• Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy: UCC (plus either Physics or Biology)
• Medicine (5 year course): RCSI (plus either Physics or Biology)
• Veterinary Medicine: UCD
• Pharmacy: TCD (plus either Physics/Biology/Maths/App. Maths/Geog)

Biology is required for:
• Genetics, Dental Hygiene: UCC
• Human Health & Disease: TCD (plus Physics or Chemistry)
• Veterinary Nursing: (Dundalk IT)
• A high grade in Biology if taking Biology as an elective in Arts Maynooth
• Very useful for P.E. teaching with Biology in D.C.U.

Physics is required for:
• Theoretical Physics: TCD
Anyone considering courses in Engineering or Electronics would be encouraged to study Physics.

2 Science Subjects are required for:
• Dentistry, Medicine: UCC (H4 Chemistry & H4 Physics or Biology)
. Pharmacy: UCC (H5 Chemistry & H4 in Physics or Biology)
• Medicine (5 year course): RCSI (H4 Chemistry & H4 Physics or Biology)
. Physiotherapy: RCSI (H3 Physics/Chemistry? Biology or Maths and H7 Physics/Chemistry or Biology)

.Pharmacy: RCSI (H5 Chemistry and H3 Physics/Biology/Maths)
• Medicine, Dental Science: TCD (1H3 + 1H4)
• Physiotherapy: TCD (2H4 – Can include HL Maths)
• Human Health & Disease: TCD (H4 Biology plus H1 Physics or Chemistry)
•Science: TCD (2H4 – Can include HL Maths, HL App. Maths, HL Geog.)
• Pharmacy: TCD (H4 Chemistry plus 1H4 – Can include HL Maths, HL App. Maths, HL Geog.)
•Human Genetics: TCD (2H2 – Can include HL Maths, HL App. Maths)
•Medicinal Chemistry: TCD (2H4 – Can include HL Maths, HL App. Maths, HL Geog.)
• Earth Sciences: TCD (2H4 – Can include HL Maths, HL App. Maths, HL Geog.)
• Nanoscience, Physics & Chemistry of Advanced Materials: TCD (2H4 – Can include HL Maths, HL App. Maths)
•UK Paramedical Courses