Pastoral Care

The school provides a Guidance and Counselling service for all its students. The service is designed to help each pupil to make the best use of the opportunities available to him/her in the school.

The two Guidance Counsellors deliver the service to students through classroom activities and individual appointments. The school also has a Chaplain and Home School Liaison Co-ordinator.


The main areas covered with students in Guidance during their five or six years in the school include:

Educational Guidance: This involves guidance and advice on subject selection at Junior and Senior levels and the implications of these choices for students’ later life.

Personal Development: Helping students to see direction in their personal and school lives and to look at their own personal qualities and strengths.

Careers: All senior students have an individual appointment with one of the Guidance Counsellors to help them plan for their future beyond school. Information and advice is offered on the most suitable courses, job opportunities, third level and post Leaving Certificate courses. Back to Top


The Guidance Counsellors will also see students who may experience some difficulty in their life in school or outside. A number of students come with personal problems such as fear, bullying, family problems, relationship difficulties or loneliness. Students are met with understanding and respect and are helped to explore ways of helping themselves become problem solvers. Most individual appointments with Guidance Counsellors are made by students themselves. Sometimes appointments are arranged by Year Heads, Tutors, Parents, Subject Teachers or a friend.

The Chaplain

The School Chaplain is a faith presence in the school community, who is available to all students and staff.  S/he accompanies members of the school community on their journey through life.  The Chaplain’s  non-disciplinary role in the school enables him/her to develop a relationship of trust with the students, staff and parents.  S/he will respond firstly to the spiritual and religious needs of the students and the whole community respecting the denominational, religious and personal convictions of all.

The Chaplain receives a mandate that is both educational and ecclesial.  As an extension of the Principal, the Chaplain puts flesh on the holistic aims of the Education Act (1998), which obliges schools to ‘promote the moral, spiritual, social and personal development of students.’

The Chaplain is also missioned by the Christian community to accompany and support young people, so that they may have life and have it to the full. (Jn 10:10).  S/he works in close co-operation with the Board of Management, the Principal, the R.E. Department, the teachers and pupils.

The Chaplain ensures that the characteristic spirit of the school, reflecting the founding intention of the school and the school’s mission statement, find practical expression in faith formation as well as pastoral, liturgical, paraliturgical and school outreach activities.

The School Chaplain exercises his/her pastoral role by: a) personal contract with individual students; b) access to class and small groups; c) provision of liturgical functions; d) maintaining a lively interest in recreational, cultural and outreach activities; e) responding to the day to day pastoral needs of the students.

Current Chaplain:   Ms.  Alison Holton

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