School Library

The school library is positioned in the Upper Assembly Area. It is the main source of educational materials in the school.

The Library Aims:

  • To stimulate and encourage reading skills for all our students.
  • To stimulate and encourage research skills of our students.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to access information in whatsoever area required,
    to meet their educational needs in the information age.
  • To provide students with information on career choices and how to go about making application for their areas of interest.
  • To provide information on local and community events.
  • To provide information on health matters and citizens rights and entitlements.

Library Membership

All students in the school have access to the school library. Students are encouraged to become members of the library. An application form is available in the library. A parent must sign the application form. When returned, the student will be issued with a membership card. The student can then borrow from the library.

The Library aims to provide the following services;

  • Book loans
  • Reference materials for projects
  • Tapes
  • Videos
  • Computers
  • CDs
  • Display of students projects
  • Career information and videos

Become a member of the School Library

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