We are busy getting the school ready to welcome back all students starting for the 27th August 2020 beginning with first years only.  

Due to the current situation regarding Covid19, Old Bawn Community School must adhere to the Department of Education and Skills Covid19 Response plan for the safe and sustainable reopening of post-primary schools” to restrict the spread of the Covid-19 virus. All staff, students and parents/guardians are expected to adhere to the new systems and protocols that have been put in place in the school. The Board of Management will deal with any person who does not adhere to the new measures.  

Covid-19 Team.  

The school has appointed a team who is working over the next two weeks to make the school ready for staff and students. They will be rearranging classrooms and areas in the school and following all DES recommendations 

Learning Code Amendment:  

The following amendment to the Learning Code will be formally ratified by the Board of Management:  

All members of the school community, teachers, students, staff, SNAs (special needs assistants), parents and guardians will fully comply with Covid-19 measures and protocols that are implemented for the health and safety of all staff and students”  

Stay at home if Unwell 

  • Any student who is ill should not attend school.  
  • If your child becomes ill during the day they must go home. There must be an arrangement whereby your child can be removed from the premises quickly and safely. 
  •  Parents/guardians should have alternative arrangements should they be unavailable to collect their child.  

Covid-19 Isolation Room/Sick Bay  

Old Bawn Community School will have two designated Isolation areas. 

VSWare Contact details 

  • To facilitate contacting parents/guardians if your child is ill, all contact details should be up to date on VSWare. 
  •  We are asking all parents to make sure that they can log in and to check that the details are correct. 
  •  All first-year parents/guardians will be sent these details in the next few weeks.  

Face Coverings 

  • All students must have their own face covering.  
  • No student will be allowed access to the building without their face mask. 
  • This must be a proper face mask or a visor for those students who have a medical condition which prevents them from wearing a mask. Those students should speak to their Year Head about their individual situation on the first day back.  
  • Students may not use scarves, bandanas, or other items of clothing instead of a face covering. The face mask should not have anything written on it that would cause offense.  
  • We recommend that students wear a reusable/washable face mask which should be clean every day.  


  • Following DES recommendations, lockers will not be assigned in September. We will review the situation as the year unfolds.  
  • Students are asked only to bring their laptop if they are in 1st and 2nd year and a pen. They will receive their journal on the first day back.  
  • Students are not allowed to leave any belongings in the school overnight. Any belongings left overnight will be binned – no exceptions. No sharing of books or equipment is allowed in classrooms.  

New School Timetable 

To minimise contact, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it has been decided that there will be a new school timetable 

From Monday to Thursday the following will be the timetable: 

Period 1  8:45 – 9:45 
Period 2  9:45 – 10:45 
Period 3  10:45 – 11:45 
LUNCH  11:45 – 12:45 
Period 4  12:45 – 1:45 
Period 5  1:45 – 2:45 
Period 6  2:45 – 3:45 


Timetable Friday 

Period 1  8:45 – 9:45 
Period 2  9:45 – 10:45 
Period 3  10:45 – 11:45 
Period 4  11:45 – 12:45 


Please note: There will be no ten-minute break and lunch is one hour long in duration. 

Students will be finished school earlier on Friday at 12:45pm. 

Entry & Exit of Building  

  • Different year groups will now have their own designated entrance and exits. The school has five different entrances to help social distancing. Students must sanitize their hands as they enter the building.  
  • Students will be advised of their door on their first day back. 

Student Areas 

  • Students will now be in their own designated base classrooms in different coloured areas. Students will be advised of their base classroom on the first day back.  
  •  Students will stay in these base classrooms and teachers will move around the school – except for practical classes, Science Labs, and optional subjects.  
  • Students will travel to the practical rooms, science labs and PE hall through their nearest exit door in each area, allowing them to have a fresh air break as they move to class. 
  • If a class moves through the main corridor in the school, all students must adhere to the floor markings on the main corridor and walk clockwise around the lower assembly. This is the opposite way to last year. Students must always walk in single file and keep their social distance. Students should always keep their left shoulder to the wall. 

Hand cleaning protocols: 

  • As the student enters the classroom, they will sanitize their hands using the hand sanitizer on the wall in every room. As they leave the class, they will sanitize their hands again 
  • All students will be advised of the other classroom cleaning arrangements on their return to school. 


  • Students who would like to have a free breakfast in the school must apply in advance. There will be room for 100 people to have breakfast. Based on previous numbers having breakfast, this will be adequate.  
  • Students will not be allowed to enter the main building in the morning unless they are on the breakfast list.  
  • Application is to be made on the form included.  


  • All students are recommended to return home for lunch. Lunch break is an hour long to help those students who cannot travel home due to a longer distance. They should apply to remain in at lunchtime. There will only be room for 100 students, socially distanced, in the upper assembly. Students will be asked to bring their lunch rubbish home in their lunch boxesPersonal rubbish must be removed. 
  • A form is enclosed with this letter for those who would like to apply to stay in for lunch. 
  • Rolls will be for sale in the assembly area with an organised queuing system. These rolls may be bought by students who are leaving the building at lunchtime.  
  • Forms should be left in the box at the main office before Thursday 3rd September 2020 

Water Fountains 

There will be no water fountains available this year. All students should bring their own clearly identifiable water container to school. Any water containers left in school will be binned.  

Appointment only access to School Premises  

  • Access to the school is now Strictly by Appointment Only  
  • Parents & Guardians are no longer allowed into any part of the school without prior appointment.  
  • We will no longer allow parents & guardians drop up lunches, books, equipment, money etc.  
  •  If your child has forgotten something you will not be allowed to leave it in the main office.  
  • Parents who are collecting students by car should remain in the car while they wait for their child to come out of the school building. Students will not be allowed to congregate outside the school gates. This is to protect our school community, staff, and students.  



  • PE classes will go ahead with new guidelines and protocols.  
  • Students will be advised of these arrangements for PE on their return to school. 
  • Students will not be allowed to use the changing rooms this year. All students should have a navy tracksuit bottoms, white/navy school PE tshirt and the PE quarter zip. Students will be allowed wear this uniform on PE days only. No leggings will be allowed in the school building.  

School Uniform 

  • The school uniform shop will be at the school on Wednesday 19th August and Wednesday 26th August. If you would like to buy any part of the uniform it is recommended to make an appointment. They can be contacted on 086 8983937. 
  • It is extremely important that all students are dressed in the correct uniform every day. Thes uniform should be clean. Our students need to be identifiable as Old Bawn students. Junior students should also have the crested school jacket. 
  •  Senior students who have outgrown their crested jacket may wear a navy non designer jacket. No other coloured jackets will be allowed in the school building 
  • We are asking for your full cooperation with this rule 

Back to school Timetable 

To make sure that all students have time to get used to the new procedures we have changed the Back to School timetable. 

Thursday 27th August  First Years only 10am – 3:30am Lunch will be provided. 
Friday 28th August  First Years only 10 am – 12:15pm  
Monday 31st August   Staff only  
Tuesday 1st September  10:30am – 11:30am 6th Years only 

12pm – 1pm 3rd Years only 

Wednesday 2nd September  10:30 – 11:30 2nd years only 

12pm – 1pm 5th years only 

Thursday 3rd September  10 am – 11am TYs 

10am – 12:15pm 1st Years only 

Friday 4th September  8:45am start all students 

11:45am all students go home 

First three classes.  

Monday 7th September  School for all students from 8:45am.  


We are looking forward to seeing everyone again and having the students in our building. No expense will be spared to make the school a safe place for your child. I can appreciate that parents will be concerned but we have spent long days discussing the best ways to make sure your child returns to school in a safe and secure way.  

We are all in this together and we must work together to ensure a safe teaching and learning environment for all.