Dear Parents & Students,
I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and having a lovely summer. At the moment in Old Bawn Community School we are  preparing for your return to school in August. We are following government guidelines and setting up the school to make it a safe and secure place for all our staff and students.
There will be some changes  of course, but students will still have the same classes and teachers  that  they had before and we will try and make returning to school a happy event for parents and students.
I have had a few questions that I would like to address.
The school uniform will be worn as described in our Learning Code.  As we may have to use more than one entrance and exit to the school, it is imperative that we are able to identify our students so for health and safety this is compulsory. This uniform should be kept clean .
This year, Senior students only, TY, 5th and 6th,  may wear a navy  non designer jacket if they have grown out of their school jacket. No other colour jacket will be allowed in the school. This instruction has been discussed and directed by the Board of Management.  All junior students must wear the school jacket. Our students need to be recognisable, neat, tidy and ready for work. 
PE Uniform
As there will be no changing facilities open in the school due to social distancing, it is recommended that all students have a PE uniform. This consists of a plain navy tracksuit, white/blue top and the school PE quarter zip. Other variations of this uniform will not be acceptable. Students may wear the full PE uniform for the full day  on PE day. 
Following advice, lockers will not be in operation this year. Any parent who has paid for a locker will get this money refunded in due course.
New App
We are in the process of getting a new APP for the school. We would like to have a more cost effective way of communicating with parents so have decided to upgrade. We will be sending out this information over the next few weeks.
Meanwhile, if there is anything that you are concerned about, please ring the school on 01 4520566. Carol is in the office everyday and she will answer any of your questions and concerns.
Kind regards,
Ursula McCabe