TYs had an opportunity to go to #msdreamspace this week.

Microsoft gave them a brief tour of their new €134 million building nicknamed “The Island“. The group photos are taken at their digital waterfall. After the tour they went to their Dreamspace. In there they provided refreshments before undertaking some challenges and discovery learning activities. Tuesdays group used software on their devices called “Paint 3D” to create a digital story. Wednesday’s group had a STEM challenge to  make a marble run, using given material. The team that made the marble run the furthest, won. The teachers won with 4.35 meters.!!

Both  teams then went on and did some programming on BBC Microbit controllers making LED displays and making music using the Micro bits. MSDreamspace then provided them some lunch, a goody bag and they got  the bus back to Old Bawn. Fantastic learning experience for all involved!

Thank you to all the teachers for organising this and for bringing our students on the day.