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For the foreseeable future, the 2019/2020 timetable has been suspended and we are following a new amended timetable that best suits the needs of our school during this time.

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Option 1 – Mon p1/Tues p2/Thur p4
Option 2 – Mon p6/Tues p1/Fri p3
Option 3 – Tues p6/Wed p5/Thur p1
Option 4 – Wed p1/Thurs p6/Fri p6

We would ask that students take a note of any problems that arise when they are completing their work and wait until the allocated time to contact their teacher. The entire school community are here to support you but we also need to respect the time and personal commitments of the staff. Staff will be more that willing to help out during the class contact hours.

If your teacher is using Flip grid you can record your question and show your work which means the teacher can see it at a time that is suitable for the teacher and they  will respond in the class time hours.