Old Bawn Community School has worked with GTI for the last twelve years. They have been excellent to Old Bawn and have helped us during other times when travel was stopped. It was very unfortunate that the situation deteriorated rapidly otherwise we could have explained to all personally. 

We are not travelling to Italy, Paris or Poland. 

GTI have already paid for flights, tours, bedrooms, coaches and entry fees. They are working to recoup these monies from the various areas to refund parents. 

If there is a ban on travel, similar to Italy, then the insurance will cover most of the costs if travel is restricted within 14 days of travel. GTI have paid for the top level of insurance, on our behalf ,with Blue Insurance.

Meanwhile, please be patient with us and with GTI. We have your best interests at heart. We are working closely with them and are in constant contact. As you can appreciate they are finding it very difficult to cope with the calls and emails from parents but the Old Bawn teachers who are organising the trips are working on your behalf to get the best financial return possible.