Wednesday Wind Down sessions.

Dear members of the OBCS community,

Rather than a Zoom meeting where all attendees can see who else is there, I have set up a webinar, which allows all attendees to enjoy the space in absolute privacy.

I am delighted to offer you the opportunity to join a space I have created for any teachers, admin/caretaking staff, students or any OBCS families. It is a drop in, 30 minutes session where I will offer mindfulness / deep relaxation for your mind and body.

There is no sound or video of any participant and you will only see my screen, I will not see yours. It will start today, Wednesday 3rd February and take place every Wednesday there after.

It is best if you log into the Webinar at 8.25pm, find a quiet comfy place to lie, be warm and I will guide you from there. The Webinar will finish at 9pm and you can drift off to sleep! The details have been sent through the APP

Blanaid Dwyer, Guidance Counsellor.