School Trips Policy


It is school policy to organise outings for the benefit of students when this is deemed appropriate by the teaching staff, in consultation with the Principal. Old Bawn Community School recognises the benefits of outings to complement normal school work, for educational or sporting purposes.

This policy applies to all members of the staff of Old Bawn Community School who take students on school trips.  It is applicable to the students participating in the activity and to their parents/guardians.

The Code of Behaviour of Old Bawn Community School  applies to all students of Old Bawn and relates to all school activities both during and outside of normal school hours; it applies both on and off the school grounds and anywhere students are clearly identified or identifiable as students of the School.

The Code of Behaviour also applies to all outings and to trips, whether or not they involve an overnight stay.

  • Before a student is accepted for a trip, his/her previous behaviour may be taken into
  • Parents/guardians will be notified, in advance, of all trips and both parents and student should sign the appropriate consent form. In this way parents, students and teachers enter into a partnership promoting good and appropriate behaviour at all times. Sports trips are excluded unless there is an overnight element.

Rationale for having trips/outings and the need for a relevant policy

  • Old Bawn Community School strives to provide an effective education for all its students and is committed to the education, in the broadest sense of the word, of all students who attend the School. Old Bawn Community School provides an academic education, which also recognises that exposure to a variety of experiences and cultures, is part of a holistic education.
  • The curriculum content of some subjects requires field studies/trips/outings/recreational activities, which take place off school grounds.
  • Trips assist in bonding between students, as well as providing teachers with an opportunity to get to know students in a non-classroom environment.
  • There should be a balanced programme of outings and trips for the school year that does not prove too costly to parents and does not overburden the school timetable.
  • All educational trips must be consistent with the rationale as specified by the Department of Education and Science in Circular Letter M 20/04.

All reasonable efforts will be made to satisfy all of the criteria contained in this circular.

  • To assist staff in the planning of trips and outings, so that they are aware of all necessary precautions which must be observed to provide for the health and safety of staff and students. It also ensures that trips and outings take place efficiently and smoothly and that the standard of supervision is firmly within guidelines and standards.
  • Where possible, gender balance will be represented among the leadership of any travelling group. Where this is not possible, it will be discussed with the parents and their permission will be obtained for their child to participate in the trip.
  • To clarify expectations of behaviour for all trips and to outline the conditions whereby a student may be refused permission to be included on a trip.

Procedures to be followed for school outings/trips:

  • In the interest of co-ordination, proposed trips should be discussed with the Year Head prior to any discussion with students.
  • The School Outing Request Form must be agreed by Principal and Teacher.
  • Adequate notices to be given to school management and parents (10 days).

Check list:

  1. List of students, by class, of those participating. (Addresses and phone numbers for overnight stays only)
  2. Display on Staff Room Notice Board and lodge copy in the General Office.
  3. Permission/Consent Forms signed by organising teacher/Principal and filed safely until after trip.
  4. Copy of Itinerary and Rules for Outings/Trips must accompany the Consent Form to parents.
  5. Brief Principal re Outing/Trip on return.

Trips abroad/Overnight Trips:

Permission for outings/trips of this nature must have the prior approval of the Board of Management and no arrangements should be entered into without such permission.

Health and Safety

Health and safety of students and supervisors is always a priority when organizing and taking a school trip or tour. Teachers taking any trip will exercise due care, common sense and judgement when issues of health and safety arise.

The staff are aware that in general the degree of care required of them should be that of a “careful parent” which would vary with the circumstances and the age of the student.

This policy is in keeping with the Child Protection Procedures as adopted by the Board of Management.