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PRIVACY NOTICE – Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement Award
For the information of parents/guardians of students who will receive a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) award in 2018.

Privacy Notice for JCPA

Key dates for Junior Cycle 2018/2019

Key Dates

Orla’s story

Do you have a few questions about the new Junior Cycle course? The NCCA have provided this video to help explain some of the key changes.

Sean’s story

Sean explains the assessment and reporting procedures. Click on the link below.



Parent Information Night May 2018 Presentation on the Junior Cycle

JCT Parents May 2018


The Framework for Junior Cycle, provides the basis for post-primary schools to plan quality, inclusive and relevant education programmes with improved learning experiences for all students, including those with special educational needs.

The 24 statements of learning, underpinned by the eight principles, provide the basis for schools to plan for, design and evaluate their junior cycle programmes. That process of planning focuses on the combination of curriculum components (subjects, PLU’s, and short courses) and other learning experiences. Schools will ensure that all statements of learning, alongside the key skills feature in the programmes of all junior cycle students.

Wellbeing is a new area of learning in junior cycle.  The Wellbeing Guidelines provide schools with support for planning a junior cycle Wellbeing programme.

There is ongoing consultation on all aspects of the Junior Cycle developments. For example, as subject specifications come to be developed, opinion is sought from interested parties at the various stages of the process. Details on the subjects that are currently undergoing a consultation process and those that have been completed are available under the ‘subject’ link. As part of the consultation process, students’ views on their experiences with school developed short courses were sought, and some of these are detailed under the student voice’ link.

The Framework for Junior Cycle is based on proposals that emerged from an extensive process of discussion and consultation, and the documents that were created through that process can be explored under the Research and Background section.

Activities and resources to support schools in planning their programme are explored further under the ‘planning’ section.

Junior Cycle Assessment


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