School Completion Programme

All students are welcome to attend the OBCS Chess Club which meets every Monday in the McMahon library from 3.45 to 5pm.

Basket Ball – PE Hall from 3.45 – 5pm

Monday –  Boys under 16’s & 19’s Sept – Dec/Boys 1st & 2nd year Jan – May

Contact Ms. Murray

Tuesdays Girls under 16’s & 19’s Sept – Dec/Girls 1st & 2nd year Jan – May

Contact Mr. Byrne

Foroige run the OBCS Sports Club every Wednesday from 4-5pm in the PE hall for 1st and 2nd years. Students participate in non-competitive sports such as Basketball, Bench ball, Frisbee and other fun games. The cost is €2 per week and members complete the South Dublin County Partnership Active Youth Challenge. Contact

Monday lunchtime the TY Peer Leaders take part in the Foróige “Be Healthy Be Happy ” programme. The aim of this programme is to deliver a positive mental health peer education workshop to the 1st year SPHE classes. Contact  for more information

On Thursdays lunchtime, a group of young women take part in the Foroige “Real U” positive relationships programme. This programme is run by Dillion from Foróige and Rosanne from OBCS. Thursday lunchtime Dave from Foroige works with a group of young men around positive social development and communication skills.

The Department of Social Protection has awarded Old Bawn Community School a grant for the School Meals Initiative. Under this scheme each student receives a nutritious snack at small break every morning.


Old Bawn Community School have strong links with the national youth organisation Foróige and the Big Picture Youth Cafe. Foróige Clubs are a safe place for young people to hang out, meet new friends and have a voice. What makes a Foróige Club different to other youth clubs is that it is run by the young people themselves. This allows them to believe in themselves, make decisions and practice leadership. Students can become involved in programmes such as Leadership and the NFTE, the LGBT group, “drop in” Youth Cafe, Tech Space, Drama, Music, Radio and Summer Programmes. For more information visit

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