The Oratory

The Oratory

The Oratory is a quiet prayerful, reflective space within the school, located on the main corridor. It provides a place for students and staff to take some time-out. At different times of the year there are prayer services held, to mark the beginning of the school year or to take time to remember in November, or during Lent in the lead up to Easter amongst others.

The Chaplain’s office is located beside the oratory and there is a chaplain available to students to talk to and to listen or answer questions. The oratory is available to students before school, at break time, at the end of lunch and at the end of the day. At break time and lunch time there are fifth year mentors in the oratory in case any of the first years might need a question answered or someone to talk to.


On Wednesdays at lunchtime, there is mindfulness for staff.

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