It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to our website, which I hope will give you some sense of what Old Bawn Community School is about. For  42 years our doors have been open as we continue to work in partnership with our community and our neighbours. As our mission statement makes clear, we are a community of learning and personal growth, which includes our students and their families, our teachers and staff, our trustees and our adult students. Our website is firmly rooted in our mission statement. By continuing to develop our use of modern information technology, we will make ourselves, our policies and procedures and our pursuit of learning and personal growth more accessible to an ever widening community. This  communication  with all the partners is vital as we work together towards our student centred model of education.

As we move into the next decade of the school’s life, it is very important to me to create a learning environment that promotes college and career readiness.  Old Bawn Community School is a place where students learn 21st century skills, where students are tolerant of each other, where we embrace diversity and care about the wellbeing of staff and students.  Our aim is to create a happy, stimulating, mutually respectful community environment in which all of our students are able to develop the full range of their talents and abilities. In Old Bawn we have a supportive and active community who fully involve themselves in the school life. The staff are open and  willing to do what ever it takes to ensure that each learner exceeds expectations and experiences fulfilment in learning.

With our website we aim to communicate and keep parents/guardians informed and involved in the education of their children. This allows us to communicate what is happening in the school and to allow parents/guardians to see deeper into what is happening in the school they are sending their child to, everyday. We are supported in our work by the Board of Management, Parent Association  and the Student Council. 

I hope that when looking at our website you will get an overview of Old Bawn Community School and the holistic community of learning that we provide. We strive for each student to be happy  here and exceed  their  potential in a caring and co-operative community.

Ursula McCabe    Principal



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