Attendance and Punctuality


The primary responsibility for a student’s attendance in school lies with the parents. (The Education Welfare act 2000)

It is the intention of this policy to encourage good attendance and punctuality of all students in Old Bawn Community School. Good attendance and punctuality enables a student to keep up academic work and promotes a positive learning environment for all. Promoting good attendance and punctuality provides a safe and secure routine for students. Should a student be struggling to maintain good attendance and be experiencing difficulties with punctuality, it may indicate that they are experiencing difficulties in other areas in school.


The role of the student

  • Student are requested to be within the school building, ready for class, before 8:40 am, 5 minutes before class starts. After lunch-time students are requested to be within the school building, ready for class, before 1:40pm, 5 minutes before class starts.
  • Students leave a class when dismissed by the teacher in charge. When dismissed from a class students must move promptly, without delay to their next assigned class.
  • Students have a responsibility to make themselves known to whomever is calling or taking the role in an assigned class.
  • If a student arrives late, they must ensure their late attendance is recorded.


The role of the parent

  • Parents are encouraged to make themselves aware of the time their son or daughter are expected to be in the school building at the start of the school day and at the start of the afternoon classes.
  • Parents are requested to make themselves aware of how long it may take their son or daughter to commute to school and make allowances for this additional time.
  • Ensure that any absences or punctuality issues, are communicated to the school by way of a note or letter that can be presented to school staff by their son or daughter when requested.
  • When notified by the school of any issues regarding attendance and punctuality, examine their son or daughter’s routine and assist the school in supporting students in achieving good attendance and punctuality.


The role of the school

  • The school will ensure that a correct record of attendance is taken in the morning and afternoon. This is to ensure that all students in the class are accounted for.
  • The school will have in place a facility where late attendance and poor punctuality can be recorded and monitored.
  • Communicate with parents any negative issues which become apparent regarding their son or daughter’s attendance and punctuality.
  • Identify any factors which are impacting on good attendance and punctuality within the school and make reasonable accommodations where necessary.
  • As part of the induction of new students, the school will seek, with the aid of the primary schools, to identify students who are already judged to have school attendance problems. The School Completion Programme (S.C.P.) will be central in these contacts.


  • The school will take a proactive approach to encourage good attendance and punctuality at all times. Identifying issues early and engaging with the student to support them in rectifying any difficulties.
  • Reasoning with students will be attempted before engaging in sanctions.
  • If the above method fails; it is within the schools authority to implement sanctions to promote good attendance and punctuality. These sanctions can take the form of lateness detention or any assignments that are deemed appropriate.
  • Students who absent themselves from classes on purpose (mitching) will be dealt with through the Code of Behaviour.
  • The school recognises the increased responsibility that senior students have in relation to attendance and punctuality. Full attendance in all classes is required.  Students who purposely decide to skip classes will be dealt with under the Code of Behaviour.
  • Where a student fails to improve attendance or punctuality by either of the above methods, the assistance of the parents will be requested.
  • Where the student fails to improve attendance or punctuality, the code of behaviour may be implemented.
  • Where the assistance of the parents is withheld and/or the attendance and punctuality becomes of a serious nature, the National Education Welfare Board (NEWB) will be informed.
  • All absences of 20 days will be reported to the NEWB.