Dear Parents/Guardians,

From this Thursday, 24th August, this school will be a phone free zone. This means that if your child uses a phone in school, this phone will be confiscated. Phones should be switched off and left in the school bag or at home. Students will not be allowed to use a phone within the building from 8am to 4pm. This includes during breakfast and lunch in the school building.

If your child’s phone is confiscated , a text will be sent home to inform you. The phone will then be  returned to the parent/guardian by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

If your child is ill, they should go to the main office and the office will ring the parent/guardian. If you need to contact your child, please ring the main office and a message will be given to your child.

Food village will be distributing key tags to enable your child to collect their food.

This rule will be strictly enforced. We appreciate your support with this matter. This rule is to support teaching and learning and also is for the safety of your child within the school.

Kind regards,

Ms. McCabe