I would like to thank Mr Crone for his 27 years working on behalf of the students in this school. Mr Crone has been principal for the last 11 years. He has worked very hard and dedicated his career to making Old Bawn a place where students and staff were content, where they felt respected and a place he always believed, that the students could achieve. He is leaving a school where most students come to everyday to work hard, to be successful and to do their best. He is leaving a school where the staff care about the students and go above and beyond to make this school a happy place to be.

As the newly appointed first female principal in the 40 years of Old Bawn’s history, I feel privileged to take on this role and I hope to continue the work of Mr Crone to support staff and students on their journey through this school. As somebody who has spent 28 years in this school, I have taught many students and have had thousands of interactions with the many students that have passed through our doors. I believe that every student that comes to this school can be whatever they want to be if they work hard, make good choices and show respect to all.

I would like to wish Mr Crone every success in his new role as Director of Schools in Dublin City ETB. Students and staff will miss him greatly in the building, but as a VIP he is welcome to visit anytime!

Ms Ursula McCabe